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Moving House with your Dog

January 26th, 2017 by Tiling

If you are a dog owner, you will already be aware that dogs are highly adaptable creatures and often take new things in their stride; however, moving house can often be an exception to this, with much stress associated unless the correct steps are taken. Although one of the key tips when moving with your dog, is to book a London removals company to assist and free up your time to spend with your dog, there are many other key tips to consider, including the following:

Transportation and home removal. House in a box for the move.

  • Moving house typically requires a lot of preparation, and therefore you should consider your dog in the run up to moving, when you are going to be spending lots of time packing and such
  • If possible, whether it be just on your moving days, or while packing also, you should try and ask a friend or relative to look after your dog for you
  • If you can’t get anyone to look after your dog for you on moving day, you should choose a large room in one of your houses for them to be safe and comfortable
  • Talk to your vet before moving to seek advice on how you should handle the move, this is especially important if your dog suffers from car sickness
  • Be sure to update the details on your dog’s collar with your new address and also update their microchip details as soon as possible
  • Plan your journey before you set off, planning breaks and stops to walk your dog if it is a particularly long journey
  • Before you even set off to move to your new house, you should visit and ensure that all fences are in superior condition so that your dog will be able to play out without escaping
  • Initially your dog may feel insecure in his new surroundings, which could as a result lead to accidents , however this is only natural so instead of getting worked up you should revisit your housetraining rules
  • Don’t make the mistake of buying your dog all new toys and bedding when you move house. The chances are that they will have formed a bond with theirs and taking these with them to the new home will enable them to deal with the change of surroundings a little better

After moving you should make sure that you keep feeding and walking times the same so that your dog doesn’t get too confused. This will definitely help him/her to deal with the move better

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Boost your business in 2016 – with better packaging

December 18th, 2015 by Tiling

A concept set to be a big business trend going forward into the New Year is packaging. Packaging is perfect as it not only protects products, but markets them too!

What is meant by this?

Ultimately, this suggests a need for product packing to engage with the customer, providing a perfect surface upon which companies can boost their brand.  Therefore you CAN elevate your marketing strategy even through the type of material you use to wrap your products.

Particularly popular is sustainable-used thin plastic packing, which provides a versatile medium that can be customised. The best businesses are already using sheer wrap to show off their products to the best extent.

And you can achieve this too – with shrink wrap!

shrink wrapping machine

A shrink wrap solution?

Get ahead of the competition and provide your own versatile plastic packaging on-site: by getting a shrink wrap machine and applying it yourself!  When businesses package products themselves this allows them to put passion and dedication into their wrapping choices. You can apply a wrap embossed with the company logo or decorated with colour if you so wish.

Plus shrink wrapping your products can be beneficial as it keeps them clean, makes them look better and keeps your products together.  It can be used in light of sustainable initiatives too, incorporating recycled plastic and applied tightly to avoid issues of excess wastage.  There seems no end to the products it can be suitable for, everything from foodstuffs to toys and beauty accessories; so it really is the multi-versatile choice for 2016!

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Five Different Items You Can Shrink Wrap, A True Showcase For Its Versatility!

September 25th, 2015 by Tiling

Shrink Wrap is an incredibly versatile material, used to wrap many products which hit the shelves, thanks to the low cost, high versatility and protective nature of the material. And the list below details five completely different things shrink wrap is used to protect, showing just why it should be your packaging of choice for your products.

The List

Firstly you can wrap food with the material. Cucumbers and other vegetables are often wrapped in shrink wrap to keep the goodness packed in, and protect them from an outside environment. It’s something to keep in mind if your product needs to stay fresh when it comes to packing.


Secondly, DVD cases are often wrapped in the material for protection and to show the item is brand new. People like to differentiate brand new and second hand, and shrink wrap is one way that this is done. Some people won’t even buy games in DVD cases if the shrink wrap has been removed – that’s how important it can be to some people!


Thirdly, crates are often wrapped in the material for extra protection, and to avoid anything from coming loose. It’s an effective low cost method to ensure nothing goes amiss when the packed crates are carted off throughout the country.


Fourthly, when winter comes, boat owners are known to wrap their boats in shrink wrap, so they stay protected over the frosty season, and shows how resilient the packaging can be against the outdoor elements, such as rain and snow!

And finally, but certainly not the final use, you can even use shrink wrap to keep your furniture safe when completing a move. There are so many ways you can use the material, it makes sense as a business to have it for your own products!

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Give your exterior a makeover this year with Paving Stones

December 9th, 2014 by Tiling

If you are currently looking to add value to your home then you should definitely consider doing up your exterior space. Without even touching our home and instead revamping your garden you will not only enhance the appearance of your property but will actually add value to your home too!

One of the greatest ways to titivate outdoor space is by using paving stones but the secret is to ensure that you only purchase ones of the highest qualities possible. If you would like to buy the very best paving stones that are available on the market today then London Stone could be the best company for you.





Offering not only the best quality stones on the market but also offering one of the largest and most varied ranges, when shopping with this company you can rest assured that they will definitely have an option that will meet all of your individual needs and requirements. From Sandstone, Slate and Limestone, to Granite and Travertine, all available in a wide range of colours, finishes and styles they can work immensely to create any specific look, whether that is a modern or traditional look. Their prices are also ultra-competitive and they aim to provide a number of options to meet absolutely all budgets.


Brown Sandstone


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